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Official actor Jordan Farris as Shane Collins.

Full Name  Shane Collins
Gender Male
Date Of Brith -
Age 19
Home Morganville
Occupation -
Eye Colour Brown lined with gold
Hair Brown, shaggy
Race Human
Romances Claire Danvers
First Appearance Glass Houses
Last Appearance -


Shane is one of the Glass House residents and is a Morganville native. When there's trouble, Shane seems to always be in the thick of it. Regardless, he spends much of his time protecting Claire, Michael and Eve. He has a fierce hate for vampires, but has slowly started to accept that not all vampires are bad, like Michael. He comes back to Morganville with his father to find out ways to kill the vampires. He despises Monica Morrell because she is portrayed to have killed his sister Alyssa in a house fire. Soon after the fire, Shane and his parents leave Morganville so that they don't have to be reminded of Alyssa's death. After leaving Shane's parents start drift apart. His father who was a stupid drunk before, becomes worse and his mother starts to remember things of their past in Morganville. She ends up heavy into drugs to "Forget the pain" and then is killed by vampires making it look like she cut herself and drowned in the blood. Shane and his father believe that the vampires killed her for remembering Morganville.


  • Michael - Shane and Michael are Best Friends and have been for years, Michael is another of the main characters in the series.
  • Claire - Shane was Claire's boyfriend as of book 2, The Dead Girls' Dance and is now her husband as of Daylighters.
  • Eve - Another of Shane's friends and one of the main characters.
  • Monica Morrell - Shane has a strong hatred of Monica as she is portrayed to have killed Shane's little sister in the house fire years ago, although before the fire occured he nearly dated her.
  • Claire's Parents - Claire's parents don't particularly like Shane because they think his is too old for her and will take advantage of her. They start to hate him even more when they find out that Shane and Claire have had sex.Claire's parents also think that Shane is weighing her down from doing great things. 
  • Myrnin - Shane, as of Bite Club, has started to resent Claire and Myrnin's relationship as student-teacher. Shane can be territorial of Claire and doesn't like Claire being close friends with vampire mad-scientist, Myrnin.


Works at a BBQ restaurant, chopping meat.

Name Meaning/OriginEdit

Shane means God is Gracious in Irish & Old English