Michael Glass
Species Human/Vampire/Ghost
Age 19
Status Alive
Family Sam Glass (Grandfather)

Eve Rosser (Wife)

Jason (Brother-in-Law)

Claire Danvers (Best Friend/Roommate)

Shane Collins (Best Friend/Roommate)

Appearances Glass Houses, The Dead Girls' Dance,

Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule, Carpe Corpus, Fade Out, Kiss of Death, Ghost Town, Bite Club, Last Breath, Black Dawn, Bitter Blood, Fall of Night, Daylighters,

Physical Traits
Eye Color Baby blue
Hair Color Blond, long-ish,

Background and History Edit

Michael Glass is the owner of the Glass House. He is a musician and dead for most of the series.

Claire meets Michael Glass when she moves in and he becomes her landlord. Though Shane and Eve find it odd that they never see their friend in the daylight, neither of them know more than that.

Claire is the first to figure out that Michael isn't exactly human. Coming downstairs one morning she sees Michael watching the sunrise. Before she could say anything to him, he collapsed onto the floor like he had been stabbed and was gone.

Later that day, when the sunset, Michael reappeared and Claire made him explain.

Michael was attacked by a vampire after a music gig. The vampire tried to make Michael one of them, but failed, leaving him as he is then. Michael could only take shape at night, during the day, he is a cold invisible ghost, floating around the house. Eve and Shane eventually find out when Shane becomes angry that Michael didn't come out the door to save them from vampires.

We eventually find out that the vampire who had killed Michael was Oliver, Eve's friend and boss. Later in the series we find out that it was Ada who protected him from death.

Once Bishop appears in town, Michael decides he must complete the transformation, and calls on Amelie to make him a full vampire. Later in the series, thanks to the risky 'cure' created by the Daylighters Michael is converted back to human.

Relationships Edit

Sam Glass (Grandfather)

Eve Rosser (Wife)

Jason (brother in law)

Claire Danvers (best Friend/ Roommate)

Shane Collins (best Friend/ Roommate)