Frank Collins, Widower, biker, vampire hunter, and Shane Collins' revenge hungry father

Frank Collins lived in Morganville with his wife and children, Shane and Alyssa. When a fire killed Alyssa Collins, he and his wife and son left the town.

The town's protective barrier caused them to forget about the abnormalities of Morganville. However, his wife starts to remember things which makes him remember Morganville. When he and Shane get the blood money from the vampires that killed his wife they think they don't know anything because he is a drunk and Shane is on drugs.

After his wife's death, he sent Shane back to spy on the city, while he planned an attck on the city. During this time he gathers people who also want to kill vampires or people who just want to kill, most of them being bikers.

He appears in Morganville in Dead Girl's Dance, showing up to put Shane back on track. He refers to Claire as 'Jail Bait' and has little respect for her or Eve. He allows one of his biker friends to kill Micheal. This fails and Micheal comes back but only shows himself to Clare and Eve because Shane might tell his father.

He end's up getting turned by Bishop in one of the later books. He begins to hate himself because this was the only thing that he was scared of. He starts doing god things and saves Clare when she is being drained by another human. Amilie allows him to become an official vampire of Morganville and he then asks her to ask Shane if he can be his protector. Shane turns this down and now thinks of his father as dead. Maryin then puts him as the brain in his machine once Ada killed herself. Shane doesn't know until Frank saves him from Maryin.